World Possible’s Joint Application

Non-profit World Possible, maker of the RACHEL Offline software and offline WiFi servers (which we will likely use), made a joint application with 10 RACHEL projects from around the world that already have active deployments.

Since we do not have any current deployments, we did not fit their criteria.  However, their plans provide insight to what people are doing with their offline educational servers.

World Possible’s General Guidelines for Joint Applications

Coordinate efforts among ongoing RACHEL programs to procure additional funding for our work.

Here are some guidelines for participating in these grants:

  • You represent an organization that has ongoing staff in working with RACHEL and a target population.This excludes individuals or groups that install RACHEL and perhaps visit sporadically. A grantor should be able to visit your country unannounced, go to a location, meet with staff and users of RACHEL, and see RACHEL in use.
  • You have plans to expand your work. These grants are for growing and scaling your organization, not for overhead or costs associated with existing operations.
  • These grants are for organizations that also have full-time staff or support in a location with high-speed internet, access to major banking institutions, and communication systems.
  • By participating in these grants, you are committing to also contributing to the RACHEL community. This generally means sharing content modules, photos, user guides, and best practices. This is not financial support. There is no financial support expected by our partner organizations.
  • These grants are not funded by World Possible, or RACHEL. These grants are for groups that met the above criteria to be partners in fulfilling larger grants or opportunities that would be unavailable in isolation.
  • We use these forums for transparency. Grantor organizations will be invited to view these discussions as part of any grant application. By participating in these grants, you commit to not using private communications. All communications regarding applying for, negotiating, and executing on grant commitments should remain public in the forums


World Possible’s Application Guidelines for the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge

NetHope has long been on the World Possible radar and this new grant application is perfect for many of our long-time RACHEL partners who ask about device funding. World Possible will be organizing our grant request on behalf of you invited members. The minimum grant request is $250,000 with at least 60% spent on hardware.

World Possible has invited you here on the strength of your ongoing RACHEL programs in country.

The full invitation list includes the following groups, if you know of other ongoing RACHEL programs, please nominate them in the thread below.

To indicate your interest in joining our proposal, please contribute an introductory post to this thread.

  1. A personal introduction to your role at your organization
  2. An overview of your current deployments (what towns, schools, or locations are you in?)
  3. What current client devices (make / model) do you use with RACHEL and how many have you deployed to date?

We would then ask you to identify your preliminary planned deployments moving forward, in light of the potential donated hardware funding. These questions match the grant request reporting guidelines.

  1. List of precise locations you would like to expand to (e.g. Manyara Secondary School)
  2. Number of devices needed to expand there (# of RACHEL and # of client devices needed)
  3. Total number of people using the devices (usually more than 1 per device, but not always)
  4. Desired quantitative program impact (e.g. number of hours devices used, reduced absenteeism by X% in school, increase in test schools of X% in subject X, etc.)
  5. Links to current summaries or descriptions about program operations
  6. Do you have an planned budget for your programs?

This endeavor is our first group application for a grant. We’ve put together some qualifications and requirements here. Please review these and make sure you’re in agreement with them!


Read about the plans (introductions) of each organisation


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